As a ninteen-year-old He traveled the world, England, Stockholm, New York In order to craft his work and passion for photography.

Steen is born in Copenhagen. As a nineteen-year-old he traveled the world to make himself a photographer. First to  Guildford School of Art, England. Then followed some inspirational years at the Stockholm University’s photo school under the leadership of Christer Strömholm.

He continued inNew York, where he assisted Harpers Bazar, fashion photographer Bill Silano.

After ten years abroad, he returned to Denmark and opened a studio in Copenhagen.

Steen has been awarded a number of Danish and international advertising prizes, including five Creative Circle Awards / Gold, three Eurobest Awards and The Burt Stern Award.

His personal work has been exhibited at Brandts Klædefabrik, Arbejder Museet, Norjyllands Kunstmuseum, Fotofest, Houston, Foulconer Gallery, Iowa and Scandinavian House, New York.

He has repeatedly received the State Art Foundation.

Steen Larsen