Steen’s innovative work has been awarded several times and won multiple international advertising prices.

Photographer Steen Larsen has a versatile talent. His work spans wide from the creative portraits of the actors at The Royal Danish Theater, for architecture photography where he describes the latest architecture in Shanghai created by the world’s leading architects.

He is probably best known for his work as a creative advertising photographer.
He is the man behind many of the innovative Danish and international advertising
campaigns there often has won international advertising prices.

Steen’s customer list includes:
Sony Ericsson mobil- World wide / Carlsberg Export- World wide / Budweiser / De Danske Spritfabrikker / Carlsberg Kurvand / Audi / Turborg / Glaxo / B&O / Carlsberg Sort Guld / Ramlösa / Birger Christensen / SAS / Bycomed / Danica / Maersk / Volkswagen / Sony /Emi-Medley / Det Kongelige Teater / TDC / PFA /Nesscafe / Fritz Hansen / Postdanmark